Sabtu, 09 Juli 2011

[App] Launcher PB for Cstrike/Czero

This Launcher is made ​​similar to that existing in the game Point Blank. Launcher is designed to run the game Counter Strike.

This application was created with software called Autoplay Media Studio. Application works with system "Run Program" by using file (*. bat).

How to enter the Application are:
1. His Extract Files (PB Launcher for PB Portable.rar).
2. Copy File (lua5.1.dll, lua51.dll, Launcher.exe, and Folder Autoplay) to?: \ Counter Strike 1.6 \ (or where you installed CS)
3. If you want to run Launchernya Then just run the file Launcher.exe.

Link Download :

ScreenShoot : 


Notes : If you want to use this launcher for Game Condition Zero, the way is go to File on the Autoplay \ Docs \ there is a file (launch.bat) then click edit. 
In writing:
start hl.exe -nomaster -game cstrike , you change the writing cstrike into czero then click save.

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